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Importing data from Reckon Personal Plus 2016


I've gone through the instructions on how to import Quicken into Moneywiz.

The problem is that my version of Reckon (Personal Plus 2016) does not give me the ability to export as a QIF file. 

I have a significant amount of data to import and creating csv files is not an option as there are too many abnormalities eg: split expenses.

Does anyone know of any potential solutions that could assist

Thank you

Hello Jamie,

I'm very sorry about this. Is there any format Reckon Personal Plus 2016 can export your information to? Even if that output format was not supported by MoneyWiz perhaps there would be a way to convert it to something MoneyWiz could import - although if you have many split transactions that information could be lost in the process of converting indeed.

Thanks Pawel

I found that if you use "CTRL - SHIFT - Z", when in Reckon Personal Plus 2016, it then allows you to select QIF File when exporting.

The only issue I'm having now is the date format as the QIF file only allows "YY" and not "YYYY". I'll do some kind of work around unless you are aware of anything that solves this issue.


You should be able to import the file with YY date format as well :) MoneyWiz supports various date formats. Did you try importing it and it failed?

If you are having trouble importing it with this date format, please e-mail us at with the file - we can adjust the date format in import files very quickly (but please note that we are currently under high support request load so we might not be able to get back to you immediately).

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