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Upgraded by mistake. What must I pay? Can I revert to free version?

 I was told upon launching the MoneyWiz 2 app that an update was available, and agreed to it without reading about it first. Now my accounts appear to have been erased and I am using Premium! But I never wanted to upgrade to any premium version.

I am not sure I understand the cost of this, and at any rate, how do I revert to my older, free version?


Dear Romain,

I'm not sure what has happened here as MoneyWiz would not erase your accounts upon updating. Can you please provide more information on the version that you had and how exactly did you upgrade?

I see you also opened an e-mail ticket with us - for best support effectiveness, please reply only in one place, either in the e-mail or here on the forums.

Thanks for replying. I had downloaded a free version of MoneyWiz 2, which I was testing, and I was reluctant to sign up for any online services. Then upon launching the app the startup window asked me if I wanted to download the latest update. I didn't really read the details -- all I know is that I now have MoneyWiz Premium 2.5.3, and what I can read in various forums points to the fact that there's no such thing as a free version of MoneyWiz, so I am confused.



So you were using MoneyWiz 1 before? We can help you migrate back if you don't like MoneyWiz 2.

MoneyWiz 2 is not free to use but it does have a free trial - which you've downloaded. It has limits on how many accounts, budgets and Scheduled transactions you can create but it does not have a limit on regular transactions. If you want to remove the limits you can subscribe to MoneyWiz Premium or purchase the pay-once version of MoneyWiz 2 (just like you purchased MoneyWiz 1 before):

Your MoneyWiz 1 purchase entitles you to use MoneyWiz 1 as long as you want but MoneyWiz 2 is a paid upgrade.

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