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Incorrect sorting

Hello, I don't know if it's my app or it's supposed to work this way. Ok I am at Reperts > Compare Expense Categories When I select "sort by amount", there doesn't seem to be any sorting going on, please see below my expenses list after it's sort d by amount: Entrainment 2278 Car 1985 Food 1341 Rent 4300 Now as I was expecting the "sort by amount" should produce by the following: Rent 4300 Entrainment 2278 Car 1985 Food 1341 I have tried creating another account but the issue is the same.

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Sorry forgot to mention,it's an iOS app

We understand that it might be slightly confusing. If you use the sort buttons in the Reports section it applies to the transaction containers - so in this case you were sorting category totals (categories), not transactions themselves.

To change transaction sorting go back to Account register where all transactions are visible and change the sorting there then re-generate your report.


Yes, you have already replied on my ticket and confirmed that this is the bug. However, just to be completely clear, I will elaborate: I want to see category totals sorted by amount. I don't need to see transactions sorted by amount. So for instance, we have categories totals like Food - $100, Car $150, health $50 etc. When I click sort by amount, I should get those categories totals to appear in the following order: Car, Food, Health (i.e. descending). As of now, such behavior is not observed. Would this be fixed in 2.6 update? When is it coming out?

I've checked your support ticket and I see more details now, thank you! Indeed, what I've described did not fit your question entirely - sorry about that. The fix is currently logged for 2.5.4 update which would be coming before the 2.6 update - we can't say when though just  yet.


I posted this in the feature Request section but thought I would post here as well since its related.

I have been asking for the ability to filter our categories with $0 for a while now. Are there any plans to implement this feature? I love the report feature but dislike having to wade through a bunch of categories with $0 in order to see the ones that actually have spends attached. Even if the $0 ones go to the bottom and the ones with transactions float to the top would be helpful. I would still like them to be sorted based on the amounts with the category with the highest dollar amount at the very top.

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It would even be better if Categories totals with 0 do not show up in the report at all. Why would I need to see 0s. Or may be there should be a choice check box, where to display totals with 0 or not
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