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"Today" line or marker

When opening an account, it would be useful to have a persistent "today" line or visual GUI marker to show you today's date. This GUI change would be similar to how Quicken uses their blue line to show all transactions as of today's date and would readily draw the user's attention to the proper spot, especially when there are future-dated transactions queued up.

When the date changes to the next day, the "today" line should update automatically.

A "today" line is better implemented as an "always displayed" GUI item vs achieving the same result with a filter. The downside to a filter is you would only get transactions from now until the specified period of history. Often times, you want all transactions in your register displayed and a simple "today" line to show you readily where you're at as of today.

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your feature request! I'll leave it open for more upvotes as well as share it with our team for further discussion and investigation.

I do agree with Mike's proposal
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