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HSBC UK (Credit)


I have been using the online account import on IOS app for hsbc uk for bank account and credit card and although it has been very slow to download (generally 1-2 minutes) it has been working fine. Until the 23rd of this month. From this date on, the HSBC UK (credit) import has completed but no transactions but no new transactions are appearing. I have disconnected and reconnected the connection to online banking and tried again but no luck. Equally, removing the link, creating a new account and linking that one and importing also failed to show any transactions. At the same time, the bank account import for HSBC UK is working fine. 

Are there any known issues with the HSBC UK credit import at the moment?

Are there any things that I can try to resolve it on my side?

Is there any info that can provide to help get it resolved?


Hello Gareth,

Do you use memorable answer to authenticate with your bank? If not, did you use it in the past?

We'd need information about your specific connection in order to investigate further than my question above. You can find information on how to obtain this here:

We'd be better suited to keep in touch with you regarding investigation progress of this over e-mail so I'd like to ask you that you contact us at with the information retrieved as explained in the link I sent. Thank you!


It appears to be working again now (albeit slowly, as before). The resolution could be anyone of the dropping and reconnecting of online connectivity link or to do with the month end. There appears to be some month end specific behaviour with HSBC credit and the history of available transactions which occurs over the month roll. Perhaps this is related. 

To update completely, it's not a complete resolution, as although new transactions are now downloading again, the transactions occuring between the 23rd and month end were never downloaded and I've had to enter these manually. Even before the month end and with a setup of a new local account, they did not display in money wiz even though the account total did update correctly. I also saw a message pop up on MoneyWiz stating that only transactions since the 23rd would be downloaded but then none actually appeared. 

Thanks for the link on providing you with more information. As it's now working again I'll leave things for now and watch closer at the same time next month to see if the behaviour repeats and contact you via email with the information. 

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