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Import Skip All duplicates option

 I am using MW to import manually from online banking. This means I will often have overlapping imports. MW successfully sees these as duplicates, however it requires going through each item one at a time to skip. When using MW as an off-line historical tool, being able to just "skip all" import duplicates would be very helpful.

While I'm only seeking a button to Skip All, the even better option would be Import Templates where such defaults could be picked and utilized for different import types.

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Dear Martin,

Thank you for your feature request! We do have something like this in mind but I do not currently have any estimate release date to share.


Right, Martin it is very important feature and I'm also waiting for this one.

Another reason this would be very useful is when importing transactions that have been exported from a bank which by default just exports about a month of transactions from all your accounts.  If I want to update MoneyWiz more than once a month you spend ages skipping all the duplicate transactions one by one.  

Having this option would making keeping MoneyWiz up-to-date much easier.

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