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What is the purpose for MoneyWiz Mac connecting to Google?

I use Little Snithc, a firewall that detect outbound connections made by any Mac processes. For MoneyWiz, I allow connections for Syncbits. 

However, I noticed that the Mac app is now attempting to connect to multiple IP addresses. These are the ones I found:

Anyone know what is the purpose for connecting to these IP addresses (Google) and what data is being sent?

Note: even when I blocked these IP address, Syncbits still work because it goes to another IP address.

That is very interesting.  I am very concerned about security with Moneywiz, my experience with the software has been very poor with sync failing frequently.  It bothers me that my bank passwords have been provided to a company that seems to have software issues.

I presume it might be the new feature they are working on which identifies payees by location. So this could be connections to google maps.



MoneyWiz currently connects to Google for 2 purposes: to check if you have an active Internet connection (we ping Google) and to send usage statistics (absolutely no personally identifiable information or any parts of your data are included!) to Google Analytics (we send information such as: how often you click on this button, how often you click on that button, how often you see this error, etc. The data we see is aggregated so we cannot identify individual customers).


We note this in our Privacy Policy:

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