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Windows 10 crash


 After the last update today MoneyWiz isn't able to start.

My OS: Windows 10 64 bit

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Hello Roberto,

Can you please completely disconnect your PC from the Internet before launching MoneyWiz and tell me if it makes any difference?

no difference. application don't start anyway

Similar problem here. It's not starting on my tablet but still works on my laptop. Both use Windows 10.



Please contact us at as we'd need to investigate this problem individually for each machine.


I went back to 2.5.2 for now as there was no problem there



We advise against going back to previous versions as while MoneyWiz might not be crashing, 2.5.2 has some unfixed bugs that 2.5.3 fixed. We'd prefer to check what was causing the crash so we can fix it in 2.5.4 but we'd need you to contact us at so we can help. Thank you!

estou tendo o mesmo problema...



Obrigado por escrever para nós, e por favor me desculpe se minha língua não é muito boa. Eu uso Google Tradutor.

Para todos os afetados, entre em contato conosco pelo

=== Original message ===


Thank you for writing to us, and please excuse me if my language is not very good. I use Google Translate.

For everyone affected, please contact us at

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