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Windows app doesn't show recurring scheduled transactions for selected day

If you go to Scheduled transactions view and select specific day, the transactions for that day doesn't show. The problem is with recurring transactions. If you plan some monthly payment, only the first occurrence is shown for selected day and all future payments are not shown for selected date. In iOS app it works.

 Hello Jiří,

Can you please clarify the behaviour for me? I'm slightly confused.

If you tap on a day on the Scheduled transactions calendar that has a transactions scheduled for this day, you should see only see the instance scheduled for this date. So if you tap on 25/11/2016 you should see only the instance of 25/11/2016. You should not see (after tapping on 25/11/2016) the instances for 25/12/2016, 25/01/2017, etc. Only the instance you've clicked on.

Hi Pawel,

For instance if there is recurring transaction starting at 25/11/2016 with monthly period, then you can see it if you select 25/11/2016 in calendar. But if you select 25/12/2016, then this instance is not shown under that date. The same happens with any future 25/xx/xxxx date. Moreover, if you pay recurring transaction in advance, you see on the date of this month the instance for next month (I have monthly payment at 25/xx and this month I paid it on 21.11. - if I select 25.11. i see the instance  of 25.12.).

I don't know how to describe it better and more clear, but the logic of showing the payments in calendar probably needs some review.


Thank you for providing more information! I see what you mean, I have just one more question: in your example, is that 25/11/2016 transaction due already or not yet? It's 25/11 right now so I'm not sure if you've meant a transaction that became overdue or a transaction that is yet to become due.



in my example, the "current" date is 24/11/2016 ;-) However I started MW today and if I select the date of 25/11/2016 (today) I see for this day the transaction dated to 25/12/2016. So it seems like recurring transactions are shown correctly only on the date of the first payment instance (on start date). Next instances are either shown with the next instance date relative to current date/or are not shown at all.

Another problem regarding the calendars I found:

1) I've got one recurring transaction (expense) starting at 28/10/2016 for every month. It si already paid on 28/10/216.

Now in calendar:

- on 28/10/2016 - there is no "color point" in calendar si it looks like there was no transaction on this date. If I select this date I see the instance for 28/11/2016 (next instance).

- on 28/11/2016 - there is green point in calendar, but if I select this date, I see no transactions.

2) I don't know if it the feature or bug, but the behavior when change the calendar month in planner is strange. Today I see days from three month - October/November/December in the planning transactions view. At he top of the view there is label "December 2016" with arrow to left/right to move to previous/next month. If I select any date from December and then I click on "right arrow", the December month moves to January, but the middle and left month remains on October/November. I expect that all three month are moving together - in my example I see October/November and January, which is strange.


I'm very sorry for the delay in my replies - I've been trying to reproduce the issues on my end but I couldn't. On my machine everything works perfectly well, in regards to all 3 issues you've reported.

If the issues persist even in the current version can you please contact us at We'd need to investigate this more thoroughly than the forums allow.



attached are screenshots with comments what I see in scheduled transactions view.

With Regards

Jiri Kala

(232 KB)
(220 KB)
(185 KB)

 Hello again,

We've been working on your reports and I've been able to reproduce number 1. Issue number 3 is still being investigated.

As for issue 2 - there should be no red dot as this transaction is not due yet. As for missing transaction - can you please check if this transaction is due from previous month perhaps?

As for issue 2 - I thought red dot is shown for expenses and the green one for incomes. If the meaning is about red dot for due transactions, then it is okay.



Thank you for the update! We've been working on the issue 3 - we've been unable to reproduce this. Can you please e-mail us your user.config file (or just it contents here if you prefer) at Easiest way to access it is to open MoneyWiz, open Settings, click 10 times on the version number, then click on the Settings > Browse button (second Browse button on the screen).

Hello again,

The issue with Scheduled transactions calendar and wide monitors will be fixed in the next update, thank you!

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