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Data misalignment between two smartphone with the same SyncBits account


how does it work the aligment/syncronization between two different installation of MoneyWiz app, wuth the same SyncBits account?

I have MoneyWiz on my androind phone, and my wife has MoneyWiz on her phone. How dows it work the syncronization between different app with the same SyncBits account? There is a "master" and a "slave" for every account? Sometimes happens that I insert data on an account, but also after syncronization there isn't these data on my wife's app (and the opposite: my wife inserts data, and I can not see these data on my app). Why? We have the same SyncBits account, and also after SyncBits (we see the MoneyWiz logo that becomes green, and the sync date changes) sync it doesn't work fine.

I am using MoneyWiz since September and MoneyWiz is a very great app, also with these little problems...

Thank you,


Hello, I need to cancel the two entries on my wife's phone, and re-insert: now the two MoneyWiz ( mine and my wife's) are aligned, but is very strange - and a lot annoying, for an app - that sometimes it loses the incomes alignment: why does it happen? Thank you, Luca

Hello Luca,

I'm so sorry for late reply.

It seems that there is a sync glitch on your SYNCbits account. Can you please contact us via e-mail at so we can fix this?

As to your question: there are no master devices or slaves at SYNCbits. Each device syncs the data to SYNCbits and then each device retrieves the data from the server. It seems that on your end one of the devices (or both) are not uploading all data correctly which results in those glitches. We can fix this easily but not over the forums so please drop us an e-mail.

Thank you!
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