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UI: Possibility to select nodes (groups) in accounts and other lists


please add a possibility to select nodes in your lists with tree structure.


I have a group of accounts called Debt. When creating Cashflow report, I want to exclude all the accounts in this group. I would expect that in the dialog "Generate report" -> "Accounts" it should be possible to toggle ticks on all the accounts in this group by clicking on the group itself. It is not possible though, each of the accounts need to be clicked separately.

This behaviour is consistent across the whole application (at least on iPad) and all the lists with tree structure that I work with (categories and accounts). I believe this is not an intuitive behaviour and should not be very difficult to change.

I'm using the MoneyWiz on iPad for over a month now and this specific thing keeps getting in my way all the time.

Thank you


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Thank you for your feature request! I'll note it down and pass to our team for further investigation.


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