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Bug fix: Error in generating budget customer reports


I've found an error in generating a customer report for a budget. If you select a custom report, and then ask it to display budgets summarised over the last 3 months, you fill in the custom report pop-up like this:


When i run this, i get a report that has correctly added up all the items in the budget over the last 3 months, but has only compared that against 1 month worh of budget value. As a result, all my budgets look like they have blown their limits, like this:


Please can you check the code, so that when selecting a budget report across 3 months, it multiplies the amount budgeted by three as well!



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Hello Perry,

Thank you for writing to us.

Can you please tell me if your budgets have roll-over turned on or off?
Budgets all have rollover turned off, as i am trying to budget month to month. However, i review the budgets every quarter to see whether there is an overspend one one that results in an underspend the next. Rollover for me would mean that if i budget £1000 for somthing in the month and only spend £900, then the following month i have £1100 budget. That isnt what i want....basically i'd prefer to be aiming each month to underspend my budget, but if i overspend, i want to be able to review the impact across a 1/4 or year.





Thank you! I've forwarded your findings to our team and we're now investigating.


Hi Pawel

I get the same error too. I'm using the Windows version (2.5.4 (build 140))

I'd like the ability to compare my expenditure against my budget, by month and by quarter. Can I do that?



Hello Sean,

What you're request is different from this issue (this issue will be fixed in 2.6 update).

To compare your expenditure against a budget please generate any report by budget (even custom report by budget). These reports include information about overspending budgets. You don't need a report that compares expenses to budgets as report by budgets includes information about actual expenses in budgets.

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