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I've got the premium version and I'm trying to setup the syncbits side but I can't see anywhere for me to register an account on syncbits.

Going into the settings and SyncBits it tells me that the only way of doing it is with Dropbox.

I thought that you would use your own cloud services rather than others like dropbox? Has that now changed? Or is SYNCBits only the transport mechanism and we have to provide our own cloud services.

[url=]MoneyWiz Privacy Policy[/url]


External SystemsMoneyWiz is integrated with the following external systems: SYNCbits, Google Analytics, FreshDesk and SaltEdge. 
SYNCbitsSYNCbits is a cloud syncing service, developed and supported by SilverWiz (the same company that developed MoneyWiz). SYNCbits is an optional service which MoneyWiz users can use to synchronize their MoneyWiz data between multiple devices.
If you use SYNCbits, your data will be uploaded to the SYNCbits servers and kept there. Your data will continue to be available directly on your device, even when it's offline. 
SYNCbits uses 3 layer encryption to encrypt all data stored on the cloud servers. All data is transmitted via a secure encrypted connection (SSL). 
To learn more about the privacy & security practices of SYNCbits, please refer to the SYNCbits Privacy Policy. [/quote]

That states it will be going to your servers, but I can't find a way to set that up? Suggestions please?

Dear Elwyn,

We do use our own SYNCbits syncing service for syncing your data. We use Dropbox to sync transaction attachments (pictures of receipts for example).

You seem to already have a SYNCbits account. When you go to SYNCbits part of MoneyWiz you should see "You are signed in as <your e-mail>" - this confirms you are signed in to your SYNCbits account.

 Very good day to all,

I have by mistake signed out of my iphone version of software which is synced with ipad and mac version. When tryed to sign back it says that my account is susspended. Must add that syncing did not occur for a couple of days either. (have purchased both versions of software) Plese can you help. Need constant acces to my phone version of the software.Best regards


We've re-activated your SYNCbits account earlier following your personal e-mail to
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