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Breakdown Expenses Over Time (Category level)

Would be great to have breakdown of expenses at a category level as well as sub-category. 

For example if you wanted to see a category (e.g. Bills) over the last 3 months. E.g a bar chart showing previous 3 months expenses - Jan 900, Feb 789, March 1000 ...

Dear Mike,

For the individual category it's already possible (i.e. Automobile -> Petrol) but as I understand this, you'd like to see this for the root categories as well (i.e. Automobile)?


That's correct, would be great to narrow it down to main category as you mentioned in your example to see Automibile


Please can I second this request? I would find it really useful to see this for the root categories too.

It's the table that's most useful to me - seeing rows of the root categories and columns for the total each month.

Ideally, it would also be possible to expand and collapse each root category to see the amounts for the sub-categories so that you can drill into it to see the sub-categories or collapse it to see the root category totals.



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