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Reporting date field


Imagine the following situation. I am planning a winter vacation (January) and I am buying the aircraft tickets already now (October). Hence, when I enter the tickets transaction to MoneyWiz, I will see in all future spendings reports that I have spent a large part of my Travel category/budget in October, yet I have not had any journeys this month. That might be kind of inconvenient and useless when my traveling expenses for one trip are split among several months standing far from each other.

Maybe you could do an optional (advanced) field called "reporting date", "accounting date" or something like this, that would set the date which is used for the transaction during reports generation? By default it will be equal to the "usual" date, so nothing changes in MW behaviour for those who don't need the feature.

Hello Timur,

I'll note your feature and share it with our team! However, in general we favour operations that describe exactly what happened in your accounts. You paid for the tickets now so that's what MoneyWiz would show. Your Travel budget might be exceeded but if you don't spend anything in the following months and the budget has rollover enabled, the deducted amount will reduce with each month.


Thank you for the answer. I get it and don't insist, it clearly needs discussion.

I just wonder how to easily calculate how much a specific vacation cost, when expenses are distributed over several months (bookings, flights, car rentals, etc...)

Exceeding budget is not an issue for me because I am using yearly travel budget. However, for other people it might be worrying, since budget alert is not a calming thing :)

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