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Attachment synchronization isn't complete

As it was announced the photos of my sale receipts I usually make with my iPhone began to sync with the Mac version of MoneyWiz. But when I click on an attached image icon, the app shows an empty Quick Look window saying that no objects were selected. Another question is about the elder photos stored on my phone — they're not synchronized with my Mac which is inconvenient. Could you please implement full photo synchronization between the apps?

Hello Alexander,

Both of these sound like a bug. All receipts should have synced (please note though that it might take some time for MoneyWiz to upload all images and there's currently no progress bar for this) and we did get a couple of reports about Mac not displaying the attachments correctly. About this second issue, can you please contact us at

But it's been quite enough to get all the images synced, I suppose. I've sent a message as you advised, thanks.

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