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Anyone convert to MoneyWiz from Everydollar?

I'm an Everydollar premium customer and I'm curious to know if anyone here has converted from Everydollar and what their thoughts are.  I like that I can hook up all my accounts with Everydollar and I like the 'Fund' savings categories that act as the envelope system (declining balance system) where I can put money into them monthly and deplete the funds with transactions.  

Seems like this is very similar.  In fact, it looks a lot like Everydollar to me...and it's cheaper than Everydollar premium ($99 / year).

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Dear Scott,

Thank you for writing to us and for your interest in MoneyWiz!

I actually can't recall any customer who I'd have helped with transition from Everydollar to MoneyWiz - but that does not mean we had none (maybe they just didn't need to contact us or never told us when they did contact us).

Remember that you can download MoneyWiz for free on all platforms with some limitations to give it a go. If you want to remove the limits you can purchase the MoneyWiz Premium subscription and if you purchase it through our website, we offer 90 days money-back guarantee so you have a lot of time to check if MoneyWiz is for you.
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