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categories in windows problem & budgeting in android issue

I am a new user but  I am afraid the more I use the app the less workable the windows version is and version 2.5 has not made things easier.

- For instance the profit & loss graph  in windows does not calculate a single category correctly. often simply assigning the value of transactions at 0. I tested this on two different machines and income shows at ten folder difference for instance (actually this bug happens in all graphs  categories). The numbers seem to be completely random with neither categories nor totals being anywhere close to each other and the android version being correct.  Force sync did not fix this.

- Transactions also randomly split themselves into different categories  when bulk editing them on windows . Does anyone else have a similar problem and managed to fix it? 

- On the budget overview Android and Windows show different values in terms of what has been budgeted in both the lines for budget used and the remaining budget with not correlation between the two.

- Android budgets have also gone off a little. For instance I may have a budget category called "other". Windows has this at 340.00 which is correct. Android has it at 805.02 - possibly taking into account rollover savings?  Other budgets in Android would now have negative numbers in android, ie for one budget its at - 500 while on windows it is the correct figure of 600.

- This is aside from release note features that I dont see on the app such as "disable auto-categorization for online banking accounts ( Access it by editing the account and then go to the Extended options) and "Ability to set MoneyWiz to not create new categories".

I like the app and in general the communication by the developers is quick  but it feel a little like doing early beta testing for an app that has been around for some time now. Maybe the developers could start a public bug fixing tracker so we at least know which ones are being worked on.

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I'm sorry for the delay in my reply here. We're backlogged with support requests at the moment.

Are the issues still there after updating to 2.5.1 on Windows? If yes, can you please contact us at It looks like a lot is happening on your database so we'd need to investigate this beyond what communicating on forums allows us.


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