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Not Syncing

Hi All, Ive been a huge Moneywiz user for a while. I just did the subscription service for all platforms today. Downloaded MoneyWiz for Mac with the link provided. Log in to my SyncBits account and it stays stuck on downloading data for a while. Then finishes "syncing" after a while but nothing shows up!!! I have this all working well on IOS with my account but it just wont sync on Mac. What am i missing here?? Please help!!

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I'm having terrible problems here. Four devices and different balances on all four. This is a nightmare.

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i actually was only using the app on iOS and loved it so much that I wanted to expand to my MAC and Windows PC.

If I knew this mess would be happening I would have never subscribed.

Are refunds available for the subscription??

Please Help!!


This is caused by unexpected SYNCbits syncing usage. We've upgraded our servers to handle the sync so everything should now be working OK:

If it's not OK, please e-mail us at and we'll be happy to fix any issues you might be experiencing.


Hello, Since I have updated MoneyWiz to version 2.5, I have greater problems: 1) The sync operation between my different Apple devices doesn't work, and 2) The schedules items aren't transfert automatically to the accounts. Please could you help me Thank you

Same here. On my Macbook everything worked fine, but on my Android phone app the balance was off and wouldn't sync correctly and the scheduled items wouldn't sync up.

Now it synced the messed up scheduled items from the Android app back to my Macbook so all the scheduled transfers which were already processed there are back again. Not very happy about this...

Any ideas?

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still not syncing correctly between macOS, Windows 10 and Iphone apps.

What a disaster

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Not Synching for me either. iPhone, Mac, iPad.  SERVICE UPDATE PLEASE

Dear all,

I have exactly the same issues with synch as experienced by people here. The issues appeared once I have subscribed the yearly subscription, 1-2 weeks ago. Sometime, synch works again for one day or two, and then again, it stops working. It appears that it is impossible to get the connexion to the server.  I made all updates as recommended by MoneyWiz team. But it did not change anything. What are you doing MoneyWiz team? You are turning a very good App to a poor MS like app.

The  "clean sync" trick did it for me. Have you tried that yet (hidden feature on Mac and Windows).

Tried Removing App on iPhone & iPad, doesn't such anything, The Sync just tries over & over again (Loops)

I have all the latest versions installed.

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how do you do the clean sync trick?

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Are you using Windows or Mac?

Mac Sierra and iOS10


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