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Spreedsheet report with filter not working

If I try and do a custom spreedsheet report as the following:

Either historical or forecast

Rows: Period

Breakdown by: Months

Columns: Payees

Payees: All

Type: Expenses

For Period: Next 6 months

 it works fine

But once I add the filter Accounts, and no matter how many accounts I select, when i try to run it, it just flashes the accounts line at me as if to indicate i havnt told it what accounts yet

Dear James,

Thank you for reporting this! However, I was unable to reproduce the issue. Can you please try signing out of your SYNCbits account and trying again with some test data?


I have signed out of syncbits, closed app, opened app, create account called test, add in a transaction...then...

run report 'spreedsheet' setting the necessary bits without the filter and it runs

add filter 'accounts' and try to run and the account field just flashes at me and it wont run.

I will now try uninstalling app then reinstalling then repeat test task then update you further

I have uninstalled and reinstalled app.


create account called test with opening balance of £50.00

Enter in a transaction into account 'test' for £5

go to reports > Spreedsheet > run with all the default settings and it load

go back > add filter 'Accounts' > check account 'Test' is selected > try to run the report and the accounts line just flashes at me.

Would you like a video of the full process I have done showing you?


I'm very sorry for the delay in my replies - we're currently backlogged in support requests.

It would be great if you could e-mail us at with the video of the issue if it persists in the current version.
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