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"Remaining" in Budgets

Hello, I have an issue with budgets after updating to 2.5.0. on Android.

I will describe one budget with numbers but in all budgets the remaining at the bottom is showing less than it should.

I got budget with 10 € each month with rollover from start date 1.1.2016. I spent 32 € in 9 months and with rollover feature enabled it is showing me in the list of budgets 68 € more to spend. Great! I spent 1 more € in October and this makes 33 € gone. The problem here is that Remaining section should show 67 € remaining because 10 months * 10 € = 100 € - 33 € = 67 €. It is showing 35 €, in other budgets even negative numbers. I just don't know where those numbers came from.

Thank you for solution!

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I have issue like this, too

Having this issue on iOS as well
Same for me on iOS10, iPhone 6S...


Same on iOS 10.1 and macOS 10.12.1.


We're aware of this issue. It'll be fixed in the upcoming update.


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