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Security of MoneyWiz?

One concern I have - does MoneyWiz store my banking login info? Usernames, passwords, etc?

Dear Igor,

No, MoneyWiz does not store your banking login information. None of the credentials that you enter when authorising with Online Banking in MoneyWiz (username, login, password, security answers, PIN, etc) are stored in MoneyWiz. The application does send them to the service that provides the bank integration but they are not stored in your MoneyWiz database.


Wait, so my login info is then stored on the service provider’s site?


It is possible. For example Yodlee tries to perform automatic scrapping of your data even while MoneyWiz is not running so when MoneyWiz tries to sync, there's data already available. For this purpose, they need to store your credentials. Please refer to our Privacy Policy which contains links to Salt Edge and Yodlee Privacy Policies on more information on how they handle your data:

If your account requires two-factor authentication that is something random (i.e. SMS code), MoneyWiz will prompt you for your full authentication information each time you try to sync.


Edit: I have noticed that Yodlee's Privacy Policy link has expired. I've requested an update of our privacy policy but in the meantime here's the correct link:

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