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moneywiz crash at edit trasfer item

Hello moneywiz support team. Moneywis crash at this simple operation, why? 1. select transfer item 2. tap options - edit 3. maneywiz crash Device: iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 10 lang Japanese MoneyWiz - Personal Finance: 2.3.3 (80) OS: Version 10.0.1 (Build 14A403) SYNCbits: ****@**** Language: auto detect (Japanese) Regional settings: ja_JP Subscriptions: --  SUDO Daisuke

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Hello there,

Can you please tell me if the currency of the account is TWD by any chance?


I'm sorry. Please tell me, what means "TWD". In the other scenario, Moneywiz crash. 1. Scheduled 2. Pay 3. Moneywiz crash I think that iOS 10 makes these crashes. On iOS 9.x everything was OK.

We are currently investigating this issue for the next update. As for TWD - it stands for Taiwan New Dollar. Do you use this currency in your accounts?
Thank you. And OK, I'm looking forward to next update. Well, I use japanese yen in 10 accounts and US dollar in 2 accounts. I don't use Taiwan new dollar.
To edit transfer item and to pay scheduled item works fine on Moneywiz 2.5 (build 115) and iOS 10.1. Tahanks for fix this.