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Export date format

When I export from MoneyWiz in CSV-files and open this CSV-files with Numbers, i have a problem with converting the date format from MpneyWiz in the a valid date format in Numbers. I need a valid date format in Numbers for sorting and filtering dates.

Platform: macOs sierra 

Region: Switzerland 

Preferred Language: German (Switzerland)

Keboard Preferences: Swiss (German)

This problem does not appear when I set "Region" to "United Kingdom" (with "/" as date format separator). So I think an7930 addition of the export date formats in MoneyWiz with date formats with "." as the date format separator would solve this problem.

Hello Max,

Do you mean that you'd like us to add a . (period) separator as an option with exporting? Are you sure that Numbers does not recognise the date column as "Date"? What if you select the column and change the date format from "Automatic" to "Date"?

Hello Pawel

Thank you for your answer

Yes, I would like at least an additional export date format "DD.MM.YYYY"  in MoneyWiz (my domestic date format), because  indeed cannot change the date format from "Automatic" to "Date" in Numbers as it is possible with system preferences "Region" = "United Kingdom" ("/" as date format).

Apart from this lack Numbers sorts in the exported data in the column "Date" first of all the digits before the first separator (/), then the digits after the first and before the second  separator (/), finally the digits after the second separator (/). Thus the only MoneyWiz export date format who allows reasonable sorting the values in the column "Date" in Numbers as dates is "YYYY/MM/DD". But this way is rather strange and tedious for me, and beyond I cannot filter the data in Numbers in this way.

Hello Pawel

I sent you an answer yesterday, but I can't find anything here yet. So I repeat my answer.

Yes, I would like at least "DD.MM.YYYY" as an exporting date of MoneyWiz, because indeed I cannot change the exported date format  with "/" as separator from "Automatic" to "Date" in Numbers  (works with date formats with "/" as separator like the that of United Kingdom). As a poor alternative I could  export from MoneyWiz with the date format "YYYY/MM/DD". Thereby reasonable sorting this unchanged date format in Numbers is possible, but not filtering. And the use of this date format is rather strange for me.


Your first post got caught in our spam filters for some reason. I've now approved both posts.

I've moved your topic to Feature Requests forum and logged your suggestion to our team. As a workaround, I could suggest using regular expressions to modify the exported file before opening it with numbers. There's a free TextWrangler text editor that supports regular expressions find & replace. In your case, you'd need to open your CSV file in TextWrangler, use the Find feature, make sure the "Grep" option is ticked then search for:


and replace it with:



thank you for your answer.

What you suggest I can do with the "find & replace" function in TextEdit (standard opener of CSV file). I find and replace not exactly the dates with "/" as separators, but all "/", but for my purposes it doesn't matter. But both approaches are makeshifts for me.


Indeed, if you don't care about replacing this character in the entire file, TextEdit is just as good :)
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