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Getting Started With Limited Options From Bank

I purchased MoneyWiz with the intention to download all transactions from my bank and import them and then I’d be set up and ready to go.  However I can only download transactions for the past 12 months, and not back to when I opened the account 3 years ago.  What is the best way to get started with Money Wiz and make sure that I have an accurate daily balance.  Should I get my last statement, create a new account in MoneyWiz using the opening balance from the statement for that accounts opening balance and then enter the transactions manually?  I’d lose almost all my account history, but I’m going to lose 2/3 of it anyway, at best.  I am not terribly concerned about transaction history, I just really need to get a handle on income/expenses and know at any given time, how much money I have in my account. 

Additionally, my bank is a small town bank (3 branches in the whole world and all in the same town), no app, no access to direct connections/syncing etc.  Just downloading csv or qfx files.


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The way you can do this is to create an account in MoneyWiz, import the file with as much data as you can and then adjust the opening balance in such a way so that your closing (current) balance matches the one from the bank. Then as you enter newer transactions, your balance will match that of the bank.
Or, if you know what the opening balance of your statement is, enter that as the account opening balance in MoneyWiz when creating the account then import your data. The closing balance should match your current bank balance.

If you are not concerned about your transaction history then you don't need to import the data at all - just create an account in MoneyWiz with the opening balance of your current account balance as shown in the bank and start adding transactions from today onwards, ignoring previous periods.
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