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Please add a new Brazilian Bank (Caixa Economica Federal - CEF)


I am a happy user for MoneyWiz iOS app where I have been syncing my HSBC accounts over the past years now.

I would be happier if you could consider to add the Caixa Economica Federal (CEF) brazilian bank to your supported bank list.

Already opened more than one formal request at SaltEdge webpage but they never replied me back. Are you able to engage to see if is it possible?

Thanks in advance! 

Eduardo Antunes


 Hello Eduardo,

We can inquiry about this to Salt Edge team but can you please tell me if you have received an automated message from them confirming that your request has been noted or you haven't received even this?

Thanks for your quick fup, Pawel. They replied me back earlier today and we are exchanging some bank details through email. I will keep you posted.
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