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Import Quicken data first, or activate ONLINE first.

 OK.  I'm learning.  I setup online, and have an incorrect balance, due to no running balance. 

I want to import at least a year of quicken data, and know the running balance, after I have done this, then activate the account on line?

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Dear Sammy,

Thank you for writing to us. However, I'm not sure that I fully understand your question.

It does not matter whether you import your historical data first and then connect to Online Banking or do the other way around. In both cases, you will need to adjust the opening balance of an account:

On Desktop versions, click twice on the account name in the sidebar.
On mobile versions, go to Settings -> Accounts & Budgets -> tap on the account.

You need to put the account opening balance as the balance of the account before the first transaction in your Account register.

If you can't see your pending balance, please tap/click on the balance box at the bottom of your Account register - you can switch between pending+cleared or just cleared balance at any time.


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