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I am new to MoneyWiz and hope this is not answered or easy to find if I missed the answer. If I download my banking transactions into MoneyWiz and want to manually enter them also while I am paying bills how to I reconcile  them when they download from my bank? In Moneydance there is a merge feature that you click to merge the transactions together. Otherwise you would not know what was in your checking account until it cleared the bank.


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Dear Paul,

Welcome to MoneyWiz :)

Reconciling transactions this way is automatic. When MoneyWiz syncs, it'll check for already entered transactions that have exactly the same amount and date that is within +/- 3 days range. If it finds them, it'll consider the transaction coming from Online Banking a duplicate and discard it. Otherwise, it'll import as a new transaction.

Please note that for majority of the banks we support in MoneyWiz, we do import pending transactions too so you should be always able to see your most recent transactions in MoneyWiz.

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