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Scheduled Transaction Screen Not Updated after Payment

 When I use the scheduled transactions to enter a payment, the screen does not immediately update to reflect the payment. If I pay a transaction that was due today, the date for the next instance is not automatically shown. That is to say that it still shows as being due today. If I exit the screen and then return to it, the next due date is correctly shown but the transaction is still grouped under "Today". The same occurs with skipping a transaction and can cause a lot of confusion. Is it planned to rectify this?


Could you please try this: immediately after paying/skipping a Scheduled transaction click on some day on the calendar - does the interface immediately update to show you transactions from that day? I just want to asses how responsive MoneyWiz is on your machine in general.

You can create a dummy Scheduled transactions for this. Thank you in advance!
Thanks Pawel. The interface does immediately update when I click on a date. I don't think responsiveness is the issue. It just doesn't update unless I force it by clicking on a date or exiting and returning to scheduled transactions.



Thank you for the update. However, I've been unable to reproduce this behaviour on my machine. On my device, everything looks perfectly OK!

I know from another topic that you're about to reinstall MoneyWiz for Windows - can you please give this issue one more try after reinstalling as well?

Hi Pawel. I have reinstalled which seems to have resolved the issue with filter settings not being retained but I tried skipping a transaction and the issue remains. The date showing for the transaction did not change. Even when I went to an account and returned to scheduled transactions the transaction was still out of sequence although the date of the next transaction had updated.


P.S. If I click on a date it all goes back into sequence.



Thank you very much! I was able to reproduce the issue and have now forwarded it to our team for further investigation and fixing :)

Thanks Pawel,
Clearly it's not a critical issue but certainly it detracts from the usability. Looking forward to a fix!



Just noticed that once again my filter settings are still not being retained. It seems like sometimes they are retained and sometimes they are not. I generally set my filter to "all" or "last 90 days" but I often find that when I start the app they have gone back to 7 days.



Do you use any anti-virus or clean-up software that you think might be messing with MoneyWiz for Windows' data files?


I am using Windows 10 and the only software that could possibly do that is Windows Defender but I can't imagine how. Any ideas on what to check?



Maybe you could try temporarily disabling any automatic-scan feature from Windows Defender - anything that it does automatically, and check if this causes MoneyWiz to stop forgetting your preference settings.


I have disabled all of Windows Defender's automatic protections and so far I haven't seen the issue. Of course that doesn't mean much because it only happens occasionally anyway. This is what makes me think that ant-virus is unlikely to be the cause. Anyway, I'll leave it that way for today and see how it goes but clearly any finding will be inconclusive because I cannot leave antivirus disabled indefinitely.


After I posted the above, I went to moneywiz on my iPhone and noticed that one account in a specific account group was showing as not a part of its group anymore. This must surely be a bug as well. I also noted that the sort order of transactions did not match what I have in moneywiz for windows. Is this by design?



Hmm, if iPhone showed the account as out of its group then the issue seems to be in your SYNCbits account instead. Can you please contact us at so that we can re-create your SYNCbits account using data from one of the devices?
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