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Account Groupings and Filter Settings Not Retained

 I've noticed it several times now that often when I open Moneywiz For Windows my account groupings and my transaction filters haven't been retained from my previous session. I don't know what causes this but it is very annoying and I'm hoping that the issue gets addressed soon. Are people aware of it and if so, what are the plans for rectifying it?

OK. Now I have gone through the process of having my syncbits account deleted and recreating it followed by reinstalling on my IOS devices but it looks like the issue still remains. This definitely seems to be some sort of bug.



Thank you for confirming this although we don't receive too many reports of this happening from other users. We'll need to investigate this in more detail which is not possible on the forums. Please open a new request at about this - I'll close this forum ticket here as we can't do anything more here.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing!
Dear Phil,

Perhaps you have an anti-virus software that is blocking MoneyWiz from saving the user preferences? Although account groups are saved in the database itself so this does not fit the description.

Do you have a SYNCbits account? If yes, please try reinstalling MoneyWiz for Windows to see if the issue persists:

This is not a known issue - it should be working OK.


 I'm not sure how my firewall could be the issue since I am actually using Syncbits. I use Moneywiz on my iPhone as well. I am currently reinstalling according to the instructions and I'll see how that goes.