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Budget Report

I would like to see a report that shows me the budget for 12 months in total. I need to see what I have budgeted in expenses vs my income stream over the 12 months.

On another note it would be good if you make a few things configurable such as the financial year period so that it can be selected as a date range. Australia's financial year is from 1st Jul to 30 Jun. UK and HKG are different again etc.

And while I am at it, the date format should also be configurable i.e dd/mm/yyyy over mm/dd/yyyy :-)

Thank you!

Dear Olaf,

Thank you for your feature requests! I've noted them down.

Please note that we take date format from your system regional settings at the moment. If you change the device-wide setting, it'll change in MoneyWiz as well (after restart).


Thanks Pawel, appreciate the reply. The report headings are still showing as Aug 31, 2016 despite the system settings. They are correct in other parts of the app. Minor issue.


Ah, I understand now! Indeed, that is non-configurable and set this way to make it more pleasant to read. But I see how users might want to modify this - we'll note your feature request!

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