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importing and linking

I'm new to moneywiz, looking to replace my current app. Not sure if this a glitch, non feature, or I'm doing something wrong, but when I import from my bank and link to a previous payee shouldn't the category auto fill? Also, how do you tell once an item has cleared?

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Dear Clement,

 MoneyWiz will learn your categorisation choices over time, provided that your payees list is "clean". So please remove any payees such as "Debit", "Merchant", etc when you see MoneyWiz created them, thinking they are the correct ones. Over time, you'll see improvements in the category assignments once you start making transactions with payees MoneyWiz already learnt.

MoneyWiz recognises 2 states of transaction in general: pending/cleared and reconciled/unreconciled. Pending/cleared are represented by the flag to the left of the transaction row. Green is cleared, red is pending. You can click on the flag to change its state (as well as on the balance box at the bottom of the Account register to switch which balance you want to see) but for majority of the banks we do this for you (import pending transactions as pending, clear them once they're cleared).

Reconciled/unreconciled is used to denote whether a transaction appeared on your bank statement and if it has the correct amount. Since Online Banking retrieves transactions directly from your Online Banking website, we reconcile the transactions automatically.

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