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Requests for Reconcile Mode

 -Ability to edit transactions while in reconcile mode

 what's the point of reconciling if I can't edit the errors easily and address them right there on the spot?

-Option to un-reconcile in bulk (like last 2 weeks or 30 days)

 You have the option to "Reconcile All", but nothing in place to reverse the action if it was hit on accident, or perhaps you want to "Re-Check" over some of your work, the only option is to deal with the next issue I'm about to mention next.

-Remove annoying pop-up: Are you sure you want to unreconcile?

 Because when I need to unreconcile 2-3 weeks worth of data to try and find an error, I have to repeatedly hit that box and it's time consuming and annoying.

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Hi Joshua,

You can edit and add transactions while in reconcile mode only on Mac and PC. We also plan to add a possibility to add transactions on mobile MoneyWiz versions in future updates.


Again on Mac and Windows you can do this, on mobile versions you can, as MW doesn't allow multiple selection there yet.

If you are referring to Windows MW version here, we are fixing this already.

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