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Current Balance and Available Balance for bank accounts

It would be good to be able to view 2 balances as bank accounts operate two balances. The current balance which is everything deposited / debited and an available balance which is not yet cleared the account.

Hi Mark,

If I understood you correctly this is already available in MoneyWiz. When you have pending transactions and cleared transactions in your accounts, there is way to switch between current available balance and balance that is going to be as if those transactions were cleared. For this go to any account, and at the bottom you will see Balance box. It can have either Red and Green flags on it (which means MoneyWiz will calculate both - pending and cleared transactions) and only Green flag, which means that MoneyWiz will calculate only cleared transactions. To switch between flags, simply tap on Balance box.


Many thanks this is perfect thanks, my switch from MoneyDance is getting better each day !

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