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Current Balance and Available Balance for bank accounts

It would be good to be able to view 2 balances as bank accounts operate two balances. The current balance which is everything deposited / debited and an available balance which is not yet cleared the account.

Hi Mark,

If I understood you correctly this is already available in MoneyWiz. When you have pending transactions and cleared transactions in your accounts, there is way to switch between current available balance and balance that is going to be as if those transactions were cleared. For this go to any account, and at the bottom you will see Balance box. It can have either Red and Green flags on it (which means MoneyWiz will calculate both - pending and cleared transactions) and only Green flag, which means that MoneyWiz will calculate only cleared transactions. To switch between flags, simply tap on Balance box.


Many thanks this is perfect thanks, my switch from MoneyDance is getting better each day !

The solution is partial. If the transaction is a scheduled one, not even with both flags selected on the account that the transaction will affect every month it will work. 

Hi Mata,

There is still a way to see how this scheduled transaction will impact your account's balance (as well as total Net Worth balance), even if it still resides in Scheduled section.

For this go to Scheduled section of MoneyWiz. There you will see a Calendar view. Tap and hold on a future date on Calendar (on the date cell, when the particular scheduled transaction(s) supposed to be paid on) and a small window will pop-up showing you the balance of your account(s) as they would be if that scheduled transaction is paid.

If you are using MoneyWiz on Windows PC, instead of tap and hold you need to perform a right-click (on your mouse or touchpad).

Hope this helps.


Yes, I'm aware of that function. However, it's a bit problematic that every time I want to know how much money I really have left in my worth net I need to do all those steps. 

Hi Mata,

Other then this, you may pay your scheduled transactions in advance (for example 1-2 months in advance). If you pay them in advance they will automatically be set to pending status. As the due date comes, you can then just clear those transactions (i.e. set them to Green flag).


Why would I pay them in advance if I pay the CC summary a the end of the month? I don't understand you. 

Let's say I create a scheduled transaction, like this:


Then I go to my account to which I've assigned that expense (Visa CC in my case) and even with both flags at the bottom left corner marked, I see the transaction didn't impact yet. 


So then what I have to do in order to be able to see the impact, is go back to my Scheduled Transaction's tab, tap on the transaction, press "Pay" and then my transaction will appear on the account's balance:


The problem with this is that the 1st of every month I have to open the scheduled tab, pay every single scheduled transaction (which can be a lot) and then be on the safe side. Too many steps, you know what I mean right?

Hi Mata,

No, not really. I don't quite understand why you would need to pay Scheduled transactions on 1st day of the month? You already paid them (like on the screen shot above, hadn't you)? What's the reason behind this approach (i.e. paying scheduled transactions on 1st day of the month)?


When you buy something with your CC in several months (transaction you would typically set as scheduled in MW), that something is not really paid untill you pay the CC's summaries at the end of each month. So it's not that "I already paid them". However, MW won't input those scheduled transactions into my accounts's balances to affect my net worth, not up until the day I used the credit card to buy that something, arrives. 

Probably at the beginning of the month, I will not be prone to remember not only how many scheduled expenses I have distributed throughout the month but also how much money I will have to separate to cover those expenses. MW needs to consider for the net worth scheduled transactions of the entire month, otherwise it could not be representative information. Yes, there are some workarounds; for example, I could set the time of those scheduled transactions to match the 1st of each month. But it's not the correct wat of handling this.

Is it clear now?

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