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Sync between Android & Windows failed for the fourth time. Major issue !!

I have had repeated errors between my Android database and Windows databases. Each time the help desk goes through the same procedure to correct the problem ie  de-syncing the databases, deleting the files on my PC, then re-installing and re-syncing everything (which take hours and is all a real pain). This corrects the error but it is obviously not solving the root cause which is happening  again and again. Also looking on this forum it is not an isolated issue (as the help desk try to tell you).

The fault appears to be with the Windows sync, a program which we have all paid for and is clearly not performing as advertised. I believe all windows users should be partially refunded until the program is of the quality which you would expect, at the moment it is totally unreliable.


I Richardson

Another disgruntled user

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I see that you have an open support request over e-mail with us so I will not be starting to investigate this here again.

As for the recurring issue - truth be told, I think your account is one of the few in a couple of thousand we have that seems to be developing some kind of sync issue from time to time. Naturally, technology being what it is, we do have more customers reporting sync issues from time to time but for them a single fix we apply works permanently. I see that my colleague Volodymyr has been trying to investigate your sync issue to get to the bottom of it but since we could not access the databases, we were unable to investigate further (your data is encrypted on the server so we can't just take it when we please).

I'm really sorry about the continued inconvenience you've been experiencing with SYNCbits but I assure you that we're working on it at all times. We are not misleading anyone - the sync issues users report to us are isolated cases - each one being caused by something else which we locate and fix so it doesn't happen again. Just because the symptom is the same it does not mean that the cause for it was the same.