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Time machine backup for mac

Hi,  Could anyone confirm that if I backup my mac using time machine this will also back up moneywiz? 

In the event of having to restore my mac from a time machine backup my moneywiz account will be restored!



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Hello Dave,

Your MoneyWiz database is located here:

With MoneyWiz quit, please open Finder on your Mac and from the menubar at the top choose Go -> Go to Folder... (alternatively you can press this shortcut: ⇧ + ⌘ + G). Delete any contents that are in the text box that appears and paste this path:


Then press Enter (this GIF shows how to do it:

You will find many folders there. The one we are looking for is called com.moneywiz.mac or or or or com.silverwiz.formac.

So yes - if you don't have any custom Time Machine setup that would be set to exclude any files, this folder should also be backed up automatically :)

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