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[Mac&Windows] Edit transactions like a spreadsheet


My ideal scenario of managing my finances is editing the transactions (rows) of an account or budget as if I were in Excel.

That means, use keyboard arrow keys to move between "cells" and start typing over them to change their value, without poping up a dialog box. 

Autocomplete would appear as it would normally do in a field of "Edit transaction" modal dialog.

Of course the dialog would still be an option to those who prefer by double clicking.

This change means agility and visibility of neighbouring items.

What do you think?

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Another plus (and easy to implement) would be: CTRL+ENTER on add/edit dialog equals click on Save/Next, regardless where the focus is.

Hello Filipe,

Indeed, that would speed up transaction entry and modification a lot! If I'm not mistaken, we've been discussing this internally sometime ago - I'll raise this subject once again.

However, we can't promise anything at this time as our current feature schedule is quite full.

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That feature would be excellent! Any update on this?


I'm afraid that we might not be able to introduce this in the upcoming 2.6 update as the schedule for that update is full. Perhaps MoneyWiz 3 coming later this year.

Thx, Pawel. No problem that is not coming for 2.6. I understand that the schedule for this update is full and didn't expected it for this version. But I really would like to see this feature implemented in MoneyWiz 3. It is a feature which would save me enormous time because last month I switched to MoneyWiz Premium and use the online banking feature and I have to edit the transactions quite a lot (because wrong category or not the correct transaction type etc). The way it is currently implemented with opening a popup is a little bit annoying and slow. Please advocate for this feature so that it will be implemented in MoneyWiz 3. :)

I agree, it's very time consuming to constantly edit or click, click, click pop ups. Much better if we could use keyboard shortcuts to quicken the process. And also if we could highlight multiple transactions in the desktop app and edit/pay them in one go.
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