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Budgets monitoring Transfers between accounts

I would love if budgets would monitor the Transfers. I have an account that I constantly move money to and I consider that to be part of my budgeting. For example: I save up money to pay for my vehicle insurance in 6 month increments to save the most money. So in my budget I set aside "x" amount bi-weekly so that when 6 months comes I already have the money set aside. I would like it if  Budgets would monitor those transfers between the two accounts so that I could consider my budget for that as being "fulfilled" as I stash money into that account.

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Thank you for your feature request! I'll pass it to our team for further discussion.

In the meantime you could perhaps create new budget for this expense, assign the amount you're saving every month as the budget allowance, enable rollover and don't spend that money until the insurance payment becomes due. This way you could monitor how much you're saved so far for this expense.

This is an old issue which you promissed to solve. I read this in other topic. How can I plan the budgets for credits for example? Because I trasfer money back and forward in the credit acount I cannot budget the repayment amounts


Can't you make the budget monitor the credit card account as well? This way you'd monitor the expenses themselves so there would be no need to monitor the transfers.
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