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Bugs on MW Windows

Windows Version 2.2.1 Build 80

Windows 10

Just to give you a list and I did see one item that was mentioned but was not fixed in the latest revision. 

1. Duplicate does not work

2. Had problems using scheduled entries. The red notification did not change and the entry was not entered. (could be due to the fact that I had MW for OS open?)

3. Similar entries do not auto-populate consistently

4. Is there a way to turn off expanded entry when clearing an entry? 

Thanks for you work so far. 

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Hello Tim,

We're working on fixing the first issue. As for 4.: what do you mean exactly?

As for 2 and 3 - if you see this behaviour happening consistently, not just one-time, and have some examples you could share with us, please contact us at so we cain investigate in more detail. Thank you!

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