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Multiple categories pre-selected on new transaction

 Has anyone else noticed an issue that when creating a new expense transaction in Moneywiz for Windows, Moneywiz has suddenly started pre-selecting multiple categories before anything is entered by the user. I have created a support ticket but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed it.

Just noticed that this is also happening on scheduled transactions when I click Pay even though the scheduled transaction has only one category allocated.


Hi Phil,

Indeed there is a bug with this in current version. It seems though, that the bug was fixed, because we don't reproduce it in the newest update, which should be available next.


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Thanks Volodymyr. That's good to know. Any idea exactly when that update will be available?

OK, I just installed the latest version (2.2.2 Build 85) and the problem seems to have mostly disappeared although I had one transaction which selected two categories automatically. I was not able to unselect the second category until I saved the transaction and then re-edited it. The category selected was a main category and when it saved the transaction it created a new subcategory called other. This may give some clue as to what is happening.


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