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Auto match transfers between accounts

I have tries searching but cannot find any posts around this, but if there is please point me in the right direction.

Is there a way for moneywiz to automatically mark transfers between account against each other?

The scenario is (simplified):

  • Salary goes into loan offset account,
  • I use my credit card throughout the month
  • Pay off credit each month.

At the moment MoneyWiz shows me more income than I earn: namely it shows my salary as an income, and the payment to the credit card as an income. which is not correct.

I can manually go into the offset account find the transfer transaction and make it a transfer type, which now creates a new transaction in my credit card account, So now I have to delete the original payment to the credit card to get everything to balance again.

Am I doing something wrong?

If not can I suggest a feature in which when you make an transaction as transfer to another account the system displays some intelligent suggestion to what the opposite transaction might be? This could be a combination of amount, and date (+/- 5 working days as an example)

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Dear Henrik,

You're doing everything correctly :) At this time, we're unable to import transfer transactions as "transfer" type in MoneyWiz as we don't receive enough (and reliably) information from banks to be able to identify where the transfer is aimed at/from. You need to convert the imported transactions to transfers manually then delete the remaining other side of the "transfer".

We're aware it's not perfect solution but it's the best we could do at the moment. It is something we keep thinking about but we don't have any estimates for a fix just yet.

Thank you Pawel,

Working for an ERP vendor, and helped designing our Bank Reconciliation Module which is not that dissimilar.

We in basic terms, have 3-4 parameters to do auto matching, of which 2 would/should work for you.

1: Grace period (how many days +/-) you want to try and find a matching transaction.

2: The Amount

Based on the 2 parameters above, you would have a suggestion for the end-user to choose from. We can call semi-automatic :-)


I'll note your comments and suggestion! :)

I want to add a category to my TRANSFERS, but can find no method to achieve this.

At the moment I just add a comment.

What I would like is for a category to be assigned, either automatically or Manually,

as is possible with Expenses and Income.

For an example if I make a Transfer from my checking account to my Credit card account 

I would like the category to show "Monthly Credit Card Payment" or something of that nature.

Any Ideas

This is an old thread but since there doesn't appear to be a fix for this yet, how about when changing the type of an entry to 'Transfer' After picking the 'Account' You take a wild guess at which transaction it is based on the amount and date and have us verify it instead of having to hunt it down?

Hello Brandon! The fix indeed has not been yet applied but we hope we can come up with something by the upcoming 2.6 release.


I take it this has not been addressed in 2.6 (Since I just tried the scenario...!)

I noticed in some cases MoneyWiz does assign a *Category* of "Transfers" to the imported transaction (in my case, it was catgroised as a "Transfers" on the source account, and a "Deposits" on the target account).

I guess for my use case, if I change a transaction from Income or Expense to a Transfer type (not transfer category!), once I nominate the destination account if would be helpful if MoneyWiz could search the destination account for candidate transaction(s) and let me choose which one to "link". In case my target account has no candidate transactions, MoneyWiz would create it as per currently.

This has already provided enough information regarding to the topic. I guess no further explanation is required for it now.

I would agree with others in suggesting that MoneyWiz find a solution for this transfer issue. It makes for a pretty confusing workflow especially when you have a 'Transfer' Expense Category and 'Transfer' category.

Got lost in this for a while until I stumbled on this thread. The way that Quickbooks deals with Transfers is much more intuitive.

Given that reconciling transfers is a core part of an multi-account workflow, I'd assume you'd want to find a solution for this. People have suggested fixes, and I'd say prototype a solution and test it on some users in usability sessions, see what works and then invest the dev. resources to fix it!

This was the first feature I missed in the product after my initial excitement of automatically loading transactions from my checking account and credit card --- Doh!  the transfer of making credit card payments did not match up.

I assume the purpose of the "Transfer" category is to use as a "zero income/expense" bucket. If you can auto-assign the bank transfers to this category, then they should offset each other, and all the accounts should look about correct in the end. No?


Unfortunately not quite - the Transfer category, like all categories in MoneyWiz, would be separate for expenses and incomes. The best way to handle this is to convert the incoming expenses/incomes with Transfer category and convert them to transfers by editing them.

We are looking for ways to automate this but it's not easy as each bank formats their transfers differently and some banks even do not really make them any different from regular expenses/incomes.

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