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Not syncing properly (not solved)

The post "Not syncing properly" has been marked as solved but I'm still having the same problem of losing the category attached to  some transactions.

I have tried several reinstallations including a complete removal of MoneyWiz and a clean installation.

My latest version is 2.2.1 build 80, but the Change log states that this problem is fixed in 2.2.1 (90), am I missing a version?

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There have been 2 issues related to categories recently: MoneyWiz for Windows was re-creating categories previously deleted and MoneyWiz for Windows was removing categories from transactions. The first issue has been fixed but the second issue is still being investigated. It's not affecting all users - actually it's a small number - so we're still looking into it.

There is not much we can do at this time about this as a workaround is not yet known. I can assure you however that we are working on this.

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