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Problem when deleting an emtpy category

I decided that a certain category I am using should be removed. For that purpose I found all transactions with that category (using reports) and changed their category. So effectively there were no transactions with this particular category left. I double checked it using a report (setting time period to all time of course).

However when I attempted to delete the category I got a message saying that real transactions with this category exist and I was offered two options: remove or merge. I am not sure what these options mean (probably a short explanation would be good for that case) but the problem I want to report is different: why MoneyWiz thinks that there are active transactions with this category when I made sure that they do not exist?

Hello Timur,

That is interesting! Can you please rename that category in Settings to something very unique, then go to All Transactions view in MoneyWiz (click/tap on the eye icon next to Accounts label), make sure your filters are set to display all types of transactions, for the period of all time, of every status then search in the search bar for this category name (if it was unique enough, it'd only return the transactions with that category).

Can you see any transactions there?

On which platform is this happening?

Hello, Pawel!

Thanks for the quick reply. I did what you asked (hope that the "Bbcxu234" name was unique enough ;) and I could not see any transactions there. I made sure that filters were properly set. I am using iPhone 5S with iOS 9.2.1 and iPad Air with iOS 9.3.2. Both devices reproduce this problem.


Oh! Very, very strange that iOS is reproducing this issue. Could you please contact us at linking to this forum topic so we can investigate further? Thank you!

Seeing the same thing, both on Windows and Android
Was there a solution?


Please contact us directly as this issue is old and concerns an older version of MoneyWiz. Your issue is probably different.

I'll close this topic.