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Online Transactions Being Duplicated on Download


I'm having a bit of a problem.  I've been using MoneyWiz on my android tablet for a few days and had sucessfully connected to all my online banks and downloaded my recent transactions.

However, today I downloaded and installed the new Windows version of MoneyWiz (I'm running Windows 10) and used SYNCbits to connect to my account.  But now there seems to be 2 of every transaction showing in each of my accounts.  These transaction duplicates are all identical (same date/time, same amount, same payee etc) but obviously throw out the actual balance of my accounts

I've also noticed that in the Windows version, I have two accounts (both from the same bank) which seem to be trying to sync every 15 seconds.  They have the little spinning wheel appear for about a second then stop.  Is this regular activity?  None of the other accounts seem to be doing this.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Hello Pete,

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing!

Can you please tell me if the Android device displays those duplicate transactions as well now or are these visible only in Windows?

As for the accounts that are trying to sync - what if you go into those accounts and when they are not syncing, click on the sync button in the bottom right corner of the screen - does that allow you to sync the account and MoneyWiz for Windows stop trying to sync it again every 15 seconds?

Hello Pawel and thank you for your reply.

It seems the duplicates are only showing up in the Windows app.

Regarding the syncing, each account is now showing as 'Service Unavailable' at the top (see attached screenshot) and when I click the sync button, a message pops up saying "we can't refresh your account right now.  Please try again later".  The attempts to sync every 15 seconds have stopped though.

(53.1 KB)


Oh! That is some nasty issue. Can you please contact us at We'd need more information about your database that should not be posted on the forums. We can't investigate this any further here I'm afraid.

I look forward to your reply.