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"Today" as custom date in a saved report

I'd like to create and save a report using custom dates where one of the dates is "today". i.e. the date on which the report is run, regardless of the date I created the report.

Better still would be "today +30d" meaning 30 days from now. Or "today -6m" meaning 6 months ago.

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Current periods are last 6 months, Next month or This month, etc... When generating and saving any report with this Periods, during all next period MoneyWiz will always count the day you are generating your report on. I.e. if you save a report with last 3 months today, and then on 20th of  August you will generate it (Saved report), it will calculate your data from 20th August and back to 6 months.

I hope this is what you were referring to?

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