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«Send Date» and «Received Date» in transactions.

I see those two fields when I transfer money between accounts with different currency. Can you add the «Received Date» field to regular transactions with the same currency? Sometimes transfers between banks or websites, e-money etc take days or even weeks, and it's impossible now to set money as "in air", because if I use scheduled transactions, they will be on account A before that date, and its opposite with «Pending transactions». But it reality, money not on both accounts between «Send date» and «Received date». 

I think it's small, but very handy feature, that will help a lot of us.


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Have same here. I'm using Skrill acc and it takes 1 week to transfer money to my bank, so sometimes I'm getting pretty confused with my accs with few accounts on other websites this way.

Hello guys, thank you for requesting this! I've noted your comments and will forward them to our team!

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