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Viewing transaction details

At the moment the only way to view all transaction details on iPhone and iPad is to tap on it and choose Options->Edit.

This does not seem good for the following reasons:

1. It is counter-intuitive. When a user merely wishes to see transaction details he does not need an edit form.

2. There is a risk of accidental data change. I always feel a little anxious when viewing details through the edit form — what if I somehow change something without noticing? Changing is easy since immediately after opening the edit form a numeric keyboard appears with a blinking cursor.

I suggest:

1. Adding Options->View item to open the view form which would allow viewing without risk of accidental data change, blinking cursors, numeric keyboards, etc.

2. (optionally) Opening this view form by long-tapping on a transaction.

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Those are very nice ideas, thank you! I've noted them down and will pass to our team for further investigation and discussion.

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