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Year on Year report - compare specific months of numerous years

After using MW for a number of years now I have a good understand of the my category trends. The over time reports for sequential comparisons is great. BUT Is it possible to have a report that has the ability to compare specific categories for specific periods against dirfferent years. Examples Food January 2015 compared with Food January 2014 All categories Jan-Mar 2016 compared with All categories Jan-Mar 2015

Hello Dianne,

You cannot generate one report for two separate periods in MoneyWiz. The report period needs to be a range. So you could generate a report from January 2014 to January 2015, broken down monthly, and then just look at the two January months you'll see, ignoring other months.

I understand that you would like only to see two January months - but this is not currently possible. We don't have anything like that on our to-do list at the moment so I'll leave this ticket open to see how many votes it gets!

Thanks Pawel It's what I thought.
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