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Money wiz app not working on new android phone

When my wife trys to open the app on a new LG G5 phone, an error "Monet wiz has stopped working" appears. Tried to remove the app and reinstall it, and the error still occurs. Any ideas?

Is this MoneyWiz 1 or MoneyWiz 2? What's the Android OS installed there?

Moneywiz 1, android version 6.0.1

I'm afraid that MoneyWiz 1 doesn't run very well on Android 6. Android 6 has been released after we've stopped supporting MoneyWiz 1 (releasing updates) so we're unable to issue an update that would fix this.

If you want to continue using MoneyWiz, you need to either upgrade to MoneyWiz 2 ( or downgrade your Android OS.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing!

Couple of questions regarding upgrading: If my wife upgrades for the android, and I keep moneywiz 1 will they still sync? (I have an iPhone 6) If we both upgrade, will I lose any history?


I'm afraid that even though you can sync your MoneyWiz 1 data to MoneyWiz 2 as a one-time migration, once you sync with MoneyWiz 2, you cannot use MoneyWiz 1 anymore so you'd both need to upgrade.

There is no risk of data loss when upgrading. You can keep MoneyWiz 1 installed on your iPhone so that it'd act as a backup when migrating if you want :)

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