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[Windows] Bulk Edit changing not desired field


I selected multiple transactions and edited Payee and Category, but not description. When I saved , I was surprised that the description of each item in the selection was the same value (probably repeating an old transaction for the same Payee), but before editing each had its own description.

That's not what should happen and I lost important information that came from bank in QFX.

omg... your delay and lack of communication is starting to piss me off.

The Windows version costs $25 and seems like a prototype.

Hello there,

I'm sincerely sorry! I really have no idea how we have missed this topic. We always try to reply all forum topics but we always first reply directly to customers so please e-mail us at if you have an urgent query.

We've released many updates since that post - do you see this behaviour still happening?

I did some tests (bulk edit of 2, 3 or 4 transactions) and the problem was not reproduced. 

Apparently it was fixed on some update.

There is a public changelog? It would be very useful.


We have recently post the change log for 2.2.1 version here:

However, we're still looking for the best way of posting the change logs - something that's convenient for everyone, for customers to find and read and for us to prepare and display.

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A category on Knowledge Base would be a good place to put changelog.

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